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Element of Bourbon

Element of Bourbon

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"The Element of Bourbon" tee shirt showcases the essence of this beloved spirit through a clever design inspired by the periodic table. At the core of the design is a box modeled after the iconic periodic table, featuring the distinctive letters "Bn" as the symbol for bourbon. This stylish tee also represents the key ingredient of bourbon with the number "51" prominently displayed, signifying the percentage of corn required in its production.

Adding depth and character to the design, a thought-provoking quote is incorporated below the periodic table box: "All bourbons are whiskeys, but not all whiskeys are bourbons." This statement serves as a reminder of the unique qualities that define bourbon and distinguishes it from other types of whiskey.

Perfect for bourbon enthusiasts and aficionados alike, "The Element of Bourbon" tee shirt masterfully combines science and style. With its intriguing design and educational undertones, this shirt is sure to spark conversation and become a favorite among bourbon lovers who appreciate the complexity and heritage of this exceptional spirit.

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